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Agriculture is the economic backbone of any society. It is the sector that provides majority employment opportunities, both directly and indirectly. The dependence of agriculture on weather and climatic conditions makes it vulnerable to climate change. 



Infrastructure is vital for development as it enables functionality of a society. As we strive to increase infrastructure to provide services to enable this functionality and a thriving economy, it is paramount to provide infrastructure that is resilient to shocks and stresses such as extreme temperature and flooding.


Sustainable Entrepreneurship

The contributions of entrepreneurial activities to the current global challenges such as environmental degradation are substantial. Entrepreneurship however can serve as a solution to these challenges and even reverse them.



Energy plays an important role in the economic, social and human development and is an important input to growth. In the face of climate change the source matters, as its main drivers have been burning fossil fuels.


Waste Management

Lack of proper waste management has affected the health of our ecosystem. There is value in waste. To extract this value, effective waste collection and management measures are paramount. This not only promotes efficient use of resources but also reduces the burden on landfills.


Education and Capacity Building

Sustainability and climate change action is a societal responsibility. The gap that exists between science on sustainability and climate change and societal action lies in knowledge transfer. This transfer is a key step towards societal action as it facilitates society’s understanding of the issues affecting it and can foster innovation towards addressing them.


Sustainable Tourism

Although the tourism industry is highly sensitive to climate change, it makes a significant contribution in the acceleration of this process. The industry contributes to a large number of employment opportunities and economic revenues. The vulnerability of this industry posses a danger to these livelihoods and income streams.