The Scenario

Energy access plays an important role in economic, social and human development. It is an important input to economic growth. It is not only required for economic productivity and industrial growth but also for running the modern society. In the face of climate change, the source matters. The main drivers of climate change have been burning fossil fuels such as oil and coal.

Deforestation caused by meeting our energy demands, has negative environmental impacts and serves to accelerate the pace of global warming. This is by reducing the amount of tress available to capture green house gasses responsible for global warming such as carbon dioxide. Further by felling trees, emission is created by releasing the carbon dioxide captured by the trees.

Renewable Energies Potential

Deploying renewable energies has the potential to create varied opportunities. This would be through fuelling economic growth, creating new employment opportunities e.g. for developing and running the energy systems, enhancing human welfare e.g. through provision of clean cooking sources, and contributing to a climate safe future e.g. by reducing emissions and promoting environmental sustainability.


Our Offer

We offer consultancy on the various tiers of energy access. These include:

We consult on energy-storage solutions, energy efficiency, and waste-to-energy opportunities.

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