ICIFA / CISI Webinar on Climate Risks and Financing

The Institute of Certified Investment and Financial Analysts in partnership with the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment organized a webinar themed Climate Risks and Push Towards Green Fiance: is Kenya Ready? It aimed to discuss climate risks in Kenya and to understand the role of public and private sector finance in mitigating climate risks and push to green finance. Susfari was invited as part of the panellist and was represented by Ms. Waithira Gichiri. Ms. Gichiri presented on the various climate risks in a global and local context, discussing the resulting risks for the financial sector. She also expounded on Green Finance outlining the numerous green investment opportunities in the country as well as the national policy frameworks in the country supporting this, in particular climate finance.

This was a great opportunity for Susfari as it provided an opportunity to live up to our mission of creating opportunities through knowledge dissemination. The participants expressed gratitude from gaining insight into the various issues and topics addressed, and wished for more platforms as the webinar provided. As Susfari we are committed to mainstreaming the knowledge on sustainability and climate resilience to different professionals and sectors as we believe this is how sustainable and climate resilient societies are built.

Here’s the link to the webinar.

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Change is the only constant thing. The changes in the globe are however happening at a faster rate than we are adapting. These changes such as climate change, transition to a low-carbon future or approaches to sustainable development are altering life as we know it. Key questions that organizations, business, communities and individuals are asking themselves are how do these global changes and phenomenon affect me, my business or organization? What can I do to adapt and mitigate the impacts of these changes? Are there opportunities that exist or just risks and how can I as an individual or organization exploit and/ or avoid them? We answer all these questions and more as we believe understanding the problem is a key step to solving it.

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Youth Climate Conference

Susfari was invited to participate in the Jugendklimakonferenz (Youth Climate Conference), a conference taking place every two years. The conference aims to bring young people together to network and discuss varied emerging issues. The 2021 conference was held in Scharbeutz, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany with the motto ‘Future ahead’. Susfari presented in one of the workshops titled Climate Justice. A human right for everyone?, providing a Kenyan perspective on the topic. The idea of the workshop was to create a discussion on issues emanating from climate change impacts and the targets of achieving net-zero emissions, examining what can be done to address and achieve climate justice.

Such forums allow a perspective examination of how we see, understand and relate to issues such as sustainability and climate change. We might be in the same boat but the impacts of the storms on the different communities and countries differ, hence creating an understanding that although achieving sustainability and addressing climate change are global issues, local expressions differ and so do the approaches and solutions. 

Susfari at Njuri High School

Susfari held a workshop at Njuri High School, Chuka, Tharaka Nithi County to mainstream the concepts of sustainability and climate change, and explore career opportunities in a green economy. The workshop started with providing an understanding of biodiversity and climate change which included providing a background on the global warming phenomenon and its impact globally. Thereafter these concepts were brought closer home and connected to the African and Kenyan contexts. Finally, the career paths in a green economy were discussed and avenues to explore them examined.

The workshop was quite successful with the students raising questions and discussions on how to restore previous earth’s climate while maintaining the use of agricultural inputs to increase production; how to recycle waste in rural areas in a manner that creates economic value; how to address a situation of crops drying in the student’s home area, a situation the student had observed of late and finally how to make simple biogas systems at home and how to run one. The team also visited the school’s biogas plant and was able to advice on how they could increase the gas productivity.

Susfari believes in creating such dialogues with the young generation as they have the potential to develop solutions and spur innovations to address the current global challenges with local expressions. We also believe that such avenues provide an opportunity to prepare the students for the careers and possibilities of the future.

If you wish to have such an event in your school / institution or work together to reach more students, do not hesitate to contact us.

2021 Actuarial Convention

Susfari was invited as one of the speakers for the 2021 TASK-FSD annual actuarial conference. Themed Greening the Financial Systems, the convention was attended by decision makers, industry player and professionals in the financial services industry and ESG market. Susfari, represented by Ms. Waithira Gichiri, presented on Recognising Opportunities and Risks in Sustainability and Climate Resilience Development. The presentation used the concepts of sustainability and the climate change phenomenon together with the capability approach and systems thinking to show how we can recognise opportunities and risks as we pursue sustainable and climate resilient development.

This and other presentations stimulated discussions on the need and importance of using early warnings, prediction and patterns to guard the financial sector from the diverse impacts of climate change and global movement to a low-carbon future. It also enabled the professionals to tie what they have been witnessing in their day to day both personally and professionally to the various changes. Susfari was pleased to be one of the speakers, participating in the discussions and networking as it is through such forums ideas and innovations are spurred towards sustainability and resilience.


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