Sustainable Tourism


Although the tourism industry is highly sensitive to climate change, it makes a significant contribution in the acceleration of this process. This is due its emissions and environmental impacts. As a result, a growing number of tourists have a preference for companies that embed eco-friendly practices in to their business.

The global tourists are projected to reach 1.8 billion by 2030. 

Sustainable tourism does not have an impact on ecological process. It  promotes the host communities well-being while maintaining their cultural heritage and traditional values. Its one that provides just and equitable socio-economic value to all the stakeholders. Ecotourism ensures conservation of visited areas and promotion of the welfare of the local communities.


The Industry

Hospitality in the tourism industry contribute to a large number of employment opportunities and economic revenues. The vulnerability of this industry posses a danger to these livelihoods and income streams. The rising temperatures may alter destination preferences while sea level rise threaten the coastal infrastructure and can result to eroding and submerging beaches.

The extreme weather patterns may interrupt the provision of services, for instance due power shortages or transportation being cut-off due to storms. There is need to promote infrastructural resilience, protect biodiversity and promote ecotourism, so as to ensure the industry flourishes despite the climate change impacts.

We provide consulting services to government and tourism agencies and operators on how to incorporate ecotourism into their operation and promote a sustainable and climate resilient tourism industry.

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