Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Infrastructure is vital for development as it enables functionality of a society. Infrastructure ranges from transport systems, power generating facilities, hospitals to those needed in the provision of basic facilities such as water and electricity.

As we strive to increase infrastructure to provide services to enable this functionality and a thriving economy, the aim should be providing infrastructure that is resilient to shocks and stresses such as extreme temperature and flooding. This not only ensures continued functionality but also saves costs and prevent losses as a result of the impact of interruption of e.g. electricity generation, connectivity in the transport systems or access to goods and services. 

By being proactive we offer ourselves the chance to develop climate resilient infrastructure and retrofitting to adopt the current ones, to ensure continued functionality and reduced direct and indirect costs of any disruptions.

At Susfari we offer consultancy on structural adaptations and climate resilient infrastructural development i.e. what mitigation and adoptive measures can be integrated to the current infrastructure and how to incorporate resilience in future infrastructural developments. Further we offer analysis on the client’s infrastructural vulnerability to future climatic and weather conditions, and the exposures to these conditions are as a result of ones location.

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